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Communications Portfolio

In Fall 2017, I took part in a semester long internship with a Tallahassee public relations firm, Treat Public Relations. During my time as an intern, I was able to learn the quintessential building blocks of the public relations industry from founder and CEO, Meg Treat, and got to work on assignments that engaged directly with clients, the media, and the public.

 In Spring 2018, I took part in another semester long internship at a Tallahassee digital marketing firm, The Current Agency, under the guidance of CEO Chirag Shah. During my four months there, I worked in a team with four other interns to create and implement marketing and social media marketing plans

for our client, Notebooster.

From May 2018 to April 2019, I worked at JVS Marketing/Blue Gorilla Digital, a digital marketing firm in Jupiter, Florida. As one of two Account Coordinators, I was responsible for eight client accounts in which I wrote, proofed, and edited all graphics and copy that went on our clients' websites, email blast campaigns, and blog posts. I also managed the Arts team, making sure they stuck to deadlines and client guidelines for the graphics we provided.

Treat Public Relations

Science of Speed Social Media Calendar

This excel sheet is the social media calendar for the week of October 29th, 2017 for Science of Speed. Science of Speed is a Tallahassee cycling company that focuses on training and performance testing. For their social media plan, I focused on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, and integrated their regular social media posts with posts regarding events they are a part of such as The Champion's Ride.

Champion's Ride Media Pitches

I created two media pitches for The Hang Tough Foundation's Champion's Ride cycling event. One was sent to a member of the local media and one was sent to a member of the national media. The pitch to the member of the local media resulted in a radio interview for the client. 

Hang Tough Foundation Press Release

This press release for the Hang Tough Foundation details the launch of their new health and wellness program that promotes physical activity for caretakers and family members of children with special needs. 

Local Vyntage Fact Sheet

This fact sheet was made for the Tallahassee clothing company called Local Vyntage. This sheet is for media members who may not already know about the company and provides them with the basic information needed if they were to write a piece about Local Vyntage.

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The Current Agency

*Due to privacy for our client, any other work I accomplished at Current is not available to be shared

Notebooster Twitter

I was in charge of curating and posting tweets for the interns' sole client, Notebooster. I ran the account from March 5, 2018 to April 19, 2018. 

The Current Agency Blog: Facebook Page vs Profile

This article written for The Current Agency's blog details the differences between a personal Facebook profile and a business Facebook page.

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